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Our Portfolio

Below are 4 recent examples of projects we've undertaken. They show success and diversity. Clients large and small, global brands to local markets. All our work has been successfull in line with objectives. We have many more examples of work we have done with our clients that we'd be happy to share with you depending on your requirments and their relevance. 


Rock Up Ltd 

In consulting role acting as Sales & Marketing Director for 2 years where we doubled size of business.  Included rebrand. Full use of digital marketing techniques to drive 60% acquisition of new customers each month. CRM & social media programmes increased retention over 20%. Local commuity marketing to drive links with community groups such as schools, scouts, home ed.

F&F live.jpg

Fast & Furious Live

In consulting role acting as the International Sales and Marketing Director. Worked with Fast Live Productions to bring to market a live arena show based on global Fast & Furious movie franshise. Required working with Universal Comcast in LA and was partly based there. Complex project with many stakeholders. Work covered licensing, TV, home entertainment partnerships.


Strategic Pricing - Nordisk Film

Consulting project covering Nordisk cinemas in Norway and Denmark. Drove 5% EBITA through pricing enhancements and changed longterm loyalty programme which was loss making. Ended with marketing team restructure to improve efficiency and ROI.


Strategic Pricing Project

Consulting project for Kinepolis covering strategic pricing and other business areas including launch of new laser projection and brand refresh. Cinemas based in Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and France. Drove 7% increase in EBITDA once all programmes and changes implemented.

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