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About Us

Action Marketing Works International Ltd was launched in 2000 by Mark de Quervain, a leading global sales and marketing director and co-founder of Vue Entertainment where he created the Vue brand, company mission, and helped build the business from 2 cinemas in the UK to a billion dollar multi-national company it is today.


Our mission is to provide no nonsense meaningful and measurable marketing consulting that drives incremental revenue.

We want to be a true partner in your business, sharing the risk of what we recommend and implement. No longer is it acceptable to pay high fees to external agencies and consultants without them having a stake in what they do for you.

We work as part of your team, our aims are your aims, our ambition is your ambition. Our objectives and motivations are aligned.

Our clients are large and small, global and local, established leaders and start-ups. We quickly assess what money is left on the table with quick wins and work with you to reap the rewards. We identify opportunities new and existing and bring them to fruition. There's always more to be done, we help prioritise and focus teams efforts.

Experience goes beyond marketing. We work across departments and disciplines; we understand how different parts of a business operates having built businesses from the ground up. Marketing does not work in a silo. We have worked in Operational roles, HR, IT, logistics, customer services and more. We know how to get different parts of a business aligned with clear KPIS.

We build strategy maps for businesses to follow with clear goals and outcomes.

We have exceptional experience in M&A, multi-site marketing, new venue openings and organic growth activities.

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