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Welcome to Action Marketing Works International Ltd

Partners in driving incremental revenue and EBITDA - Global Marketing Consulting

Our Services

Welcome to Action Marketing Works.  We are change marketing specialist consultants based in the United Kingdom.


We guarantee to deliver higher revenues from the same or less spend and resources.


We have over 30 years of top-level client side marketing and management running major companies large and small, local and global and know what it takes to make marketing work harder driving increased ROI.


Our operational and business leadership experience means we work across departments and disciplines to drive revenue as a team.

We plan and implement programmes that drive business success. We understand how companies run and what's needed, where the barriers are and how to find the quick low risk wins offering the highest return for the minimal risk and investment. We are team players and will always aim to leave a company not only financially better off but with better informed and trained personnel who can continue to drive forward what we started.

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Change Marketing

Take Action


We Focus On Revenue Optimisation

High Value Quick Wins Fast

We change marketing through using our 'Action Marketing techniques' developed and refined over many years of experience to quickly identify opportunities within team structures, their plans, your offers, products and processes.

We work with you to agree deliverables & objectives. We'll suggest them too. For example, typical strategic pricing projects we've delivered have increased EBITDA by over 5% in many cases within 12 months. We have benchmarks.

In our experience, identifying a key starting task can be quick enabler to getting going, such as strategic pricing, loyalty programmes or ROI on spend or a review of Customer Lifetime Value.

We don't over complicate. 


Good marketeers can outsource brilliant design and production. We can too but we focus on the strategy and revenue side first using our expert analytics and experience to drive insights and learnings fast.

Choosing where money and resources should to be focused is one of the most important business decisions.


This requires us to do a deep insight into your business to know what's working, what's not. Often done in stages so you can start getting upsides quickly.

We are in rapidly changing and uncertain economic times with future challenges. Now is the time to optimise costs and your revenue potential.

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